Established in 2017, Sage Pump Services provides an innovative approach to pump manufacturing, rental, sales and services throughout the world. 

Through various concentrated partnerships with premium component vendors, including Caterpillar, Pioneer Pump and Lofa, Sage’s distinguished leadership and world-class fleet of industrial, high-grade equipment are putting the company at the forefront of the market industry that was once lacking these services. 

Sage is committed to providing superior services with a wide-range of capabilities that will improve productivity as well as enhance the operating success of its customers. 


Before we supply our end users with reliable, cost effective solutions to their pumping needs, we take a proactive approach to safety on our rental yards and in our shops. A high regard for safety is ingrained in our culture from day one of a new employee hire throughout their career with continued safety education. As a company we have a philosophy of being risk averse. We perform jobsite activities fast, efficiently and most importantly SAFELY. Here at Sage, safety is everyone’s responsibility. We empower all employees to participate in routine examinations of our safety protocols. This has created an overall safety awareness that is among the best in the rental industry. Our culture of safety starts in the shop and continues to the jobsite. We perform turnkey on-site services to our rental equipment without cutting corners that may end up in tragedy for our employees as well as yours. Proper planning, constant communication between end-user, service manager, and field tech regarding changing conditions and deadlines are only a few of the things Sage does to reduce the risk of injury and reduce your downtime. There are numerous safety training activities and safety programs that our employees participate in before they ever show up at your Jobsite. We make every effort to protect the most important assets, OUR PEOPLE AND YOUR PEOPLE!


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